Communicating Biology through Video: Science Communication Internship

The Science Communication Intern works with Genspace’s Community Manager to put together creative visual strategies that further Genspace’s mission to make science accessible to everyone through informative, educational, beautiful, and personal content. The Intern will be introduced to the basics of science communication and will translate what they learn into an educational video series about the Genspace community.

The Sci Comm Intern will:

  • Learn the basics of science communication from Genspace staff as well as through online webinars, workshops, and conversations with experts in the field

  • Develop storytelling skills including basic storyboarding, interviewing, and scripting

  • Further skills in shooting and editing video, including audio, and gain real world experience filming video and recording audio in the field and in the lab

  • Translate scientific processes into social media messaging for a diverse public

  • Attend and document Genspace events including classes and workshops

  • Meet with members of the Genspace community, including scientists, artists, community project leaders and more

  • Produce an original video series about Genspace

  • Receive a Genspace Community Membership and access to events and classes during their internship

This internship is unpaid and, in accordance with NYS laws, is only open to students.


  • The applicant must be a student who is either currently enrolled at an institution or starting at an institution in the following semester (as per the state requirements outline here)

  • The applicant must have a working knowledge of video editing software

  • The applicant must have a working knowledge of using DSLR cameras to shoot video

  • The applicant must be available for a minimum of 8 hours per week and must be available for 2-4 evening and weekend events per month


Send a resume, listing related skills and experience, and a cover letter to Rachel Haberstroh at