An Open Access Lab for Everyone

The best way to inform 21st-century dialogue about science is to have stakeholders understand it from a hands-on perspective. To this end, Genspace is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting science literacy through citizen access to biotechnology. We provide STEM educational outreach, cultural events, and a platform for science innovation at the grassroots level.


Our Story

Genspace began in 2009 in a living room where hobbyists, entrepreneurs, artists and scientists met to explore their interest in biotechnology. In December 2010, we opened the first-ever community biotechnology laboratory in Brooklyn, New York. This 1600 square foot, biosafety level 1 lab is open to the general public to pursue individual and group projects. For a subsidized price, they get access to a fully equipped molecular and synthetic biology facility, scientific equipment, shared supplies, and professional scientific mentorship.


GENSPACE provides:

  • A lab for biotech entrepreneurs and explorers

  • Adult education and outreach

  • Science education at the high school and college level

  • Lab access and memberships

  • Education in bioart and biodesign

  • A forum for dialogue about the social and ethical dimensions of biotech