Genspace recognizes that many schools in New York City are under-resourced. To meet the STEM education needs of our city’s students we provide several types of extramural learning opportunities including internships, teacher training and laboratory resources.



Biorocket Internship

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This combination of a spring after-school learning program and summer research experience gives New York City public high school students an opportunity to learn synthetic biology and laboratory research skills. The aim of BioRocket is to fill learning gaps that make it difficult for some students to transition from schoolwork to a laboratory internship. BioRocket introduces them to fundamental concepts in molecular biology and scientific research through a spring after-school program, then culminates in a 7-week summer research experience.

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Personalized training for students

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Genspace offers tailored research experiences for a fee to students wishing to deepen their research experience and acquire valuable hands-on laboratory skills.


Professional Development for Biology Teachers

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Genspace partners with Math for America to offer MFA Master Teachers hands-on training in biotechnology laboratory exercises, including PCR, gel electrophoresis, DNA barcoding, personal genomics, and genetic engineering.