Harvest Festival at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Saturday, October 19th from 11:00AM to 2:00PM

Rediscover apples with Genspace! Did you know that apples can be used to power a clock? That the skin of apples is covered in a variety of bacterial characters? Have you ever seen one under a microscope? Join us at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Harvest Festival to discover the microcosmos of this favorite fall fruit through a variety of activities for the whole family. You'll never look at an apple the same way again.

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Microbial Minutes in vivo with julie wolf

November 6th from 6:30PM - 8:30PM

What's hot in the microbial sciences? Join Julie Wolf for an informal discussion of some of the most recent research from microbiology journals. This monthly gathering features a loosely structured conversation centered around 2 recent scientific articles. The major findings are contextualized within the history of the field; participants are invited to speculate what these discoveries might mean for the future. Participants of all scientific backgrounds are welcome to join this in vivo version of the American Society for Microbiology YouTube series. Sign up to receive the scientific articles 48 hours before the event via email.

$2 tickets go towards light snacks we provide, and please BYOB or snacks to share! 

Previous Events:

Designing the Impossible.jpg

Designing the Impossible: Public Talk by Dr. nelly ben hayoun

August 29th, 6:30PM to 9:00PM

At Genspace the Willy Wonka of Design and Science, Critical explorer and fearless and passionate provocateur, WIRED Innovation Fellow, designer Nelly Ben Hayoun will create a space for thought, debate. She will define her design work and practice as a Designer of Experiences and demonstrate how the Human Condition can prevail over technology. She will pledge for Greek Tragedy and remind the audience that innovation often comes from 'multidisciplinary conflicts'. She will explain the challenges she faces in her own practice, trying to defy and design in the gravity of the hyperreal, a world where fiction is as truthful as reality. In this passionate keynote, she will share the complexity of her large-scale projects (The International Space Orchestra, Disaster Playground, I AM (NOT) A MONSTER and the University of the Underground) and introduce members of the public to the value of pluralistic thinking.


Painting with Microbes: ASM Agar Art Contest

September 1st from 1PM - 2:30PM

Join Genspace for a hands-on activity where you'll learn how microbes can be engineered to produce eye-pleasing images and novel materials. Genspace will provide colorful or fluorescent microbes that you can paint on your own agar 'canvas'!

This event was part of the American Society for Microbiology Agar Art contest, and all participants were invited to enter their microbial art for the chance to win a prize! To learn more, you can visit www.asm.org/agarart

Fruiting Bodies—Burial ceremony.jpg

Fruiting Bodies Burial Ceremony

*Fruiting body: the spore-producing organ of a fungus, otherwise known as a mushroom

Join us as we remediate the environment of a local site by burying mushroom sculptures. This event is free and open to the public and follows an intensive workshop the weekend before where the participants will create the sculptures.

Read more about Fruiting Bodies: Creative Experiments in Fungal Inoculation and Mycoremediation here.

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Microbes in the sky

For us, air is an invisible force we perhaps notice most during a summer breeze. However, if you look a little closer, the air is teeming with tiny living things known as microbes that swim through the air as if it were thick soup. Join Pioneer Works and Genspace on Governors Island to catch some of these microbial species on kites and check them out up close with microscopes.


Sunset Park Wide Open: Biology Lab as Studio

Hear from a community of artists and designers that use the biology lab as their studio. Through a series of lightning talks and performances, we will explore what it means to make work in collaboration with bacteria, plants, and fungi. What can we learn from non-human life forms? What is the role of care and experimentation? And what future can we envision or create in the lab?

This event is a part of Sunset Park Wide Open, co-presented by NARS Foundation, J&M Studios, BioBAT Art Space, Target Margin Theater, Tabla Rasa Gallery, Boccara Art, and Genspace. You can learn more about Sunset Park Wide Open here.

Open Lab May 2019 - Landscape.jpg

biannual open lab

Wondering what we're up to? Come say hi and learn about the Genspace community!

Open Lab is a biannual gathering where Genspace members share their work with each other and the public. Meet other life science enthusiasts and hear about opportunities to get involved with individual and community projects. If you're considering joining the lab, or are just curious to see what we're all about, this is a great time to get to know us.


Journey Through Your Genome: Carl Zimmer with Dr. Janina Jeff

What do we inherit from our ancestors? This profound question was offered an answer by the birth of genetics in the early 1900s: genes. In the years since, heredity has shown to be far more nuanced.

Named the best science book of 2018 by The Guardian, Carl Zimmer’s She Has Her Mother’s Laugh, offers a profoundly original perspective on what we pass along from generation to generation. It comes two years after an award-winning series for STAT News called “Game of Genomes” that followed Zimmer and his scientific collaborators on a narrative journey through his own genome.

Join us for a lecture by Carl Zimmer, followed by a conversation with Dr. Janina Jeff, geneticist and host of In Those Genes, and a book signing.


City Nature Challenge: Observation Period

Which city is the wildest? Help us discover the breadth of biodiversity in our NYC backyards. The City Nature Challenge (CNC) mobilizes people around the world to observe and identify the biodiversity in their own backyards - and to compete on behalf of their city. Let’s show off all the amazing plants and animals that call NYC home.


What makes a strawberry grow, smell, and taste the way it does? DNA!

Queens Public Library Locations

Learn how to extract DNA from strawberries. For ages 10+ with a parent/guardian.


Peer review

Peer Review is an open journal club that meets monthly to discuss and debate scientific papers in an accessible and supportive environment. Peer Review welcomes scientists and non-scientists alike: curious minds of all backgrounds are invited to join us!


Get into Your Head: Neuroscience Extravaganza

Why do we remember what we do? What does it really mean to be right or left-handed? How does our mind communicate with our body? Celebrate Brain Awareness Week at Genspace and discover the answers to some of these neuroscience questions through a variety of activities for people from ages 5 to 105!

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Open Lab: How to Look at Very Small Things

Discover the wonders of the microscopic world! In this all ages family-friendly open session, we invite you to explore the microcosmos through the Genspace microscopes, and draw or write about what you see. 

genome baby.jpg

CRISPR Babies: Should you? Could you? Would you?

As gene editing techniques become more refined, the possibility of editing the human genome is moving from science fiction to reality - in November 2018, the first live births of CRISPR/Cas9 genome edited babies was reported by researcher Dr. He Jiankui of the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, China.

This event has prompted an ongoing worldwide discussion about the uses of this new technology. We want to know what you think. Join Genspace for an open community forum where we will learn about gene editing, engage in guided conversation, and make a plan of action.


Science in Our Neighborhood

Science in Our Neighborhood is a celebration and exhibition of the ways that a creative inquiry can spark a scientific investigation, and vice versa. Storytellers David Chuchuca, Libby Mislan, and Yo-E Ryou will share images and prompts that document their own scientific journeys and invite everyone to participate in re-imagining their own homes through this lens. Join us for this evening exploring the connection between the arts, sciences, and community and leave with a renewed sense of wonder and possibility about your own neighborhood.

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Genspace Ten Year Birthday Bash

It’s our birthday and we want to celebrate with you! Join us as we commemorate the last ten years of Genspace and get started on building the next ten together. Whether you’re new to Genspace or have been a part of our story since the start, we hope to see you there!


Citizen + Scientist: A Journey Into the Unseen World Around You

Join us at Genspace for an evening celebrating and investigating the microcosmos around us: Eugenia Bone will read from her new book Microbia, Eugenia and Dr. Julie Wolf will talk about what the new microbiology can teach us, Eugenia will sign books and Julie will show off some microbe samples in the lab.

Biodesign  4Facebook (1).jpg

biodesign: From Inspiration to integration

Curated by the Nature Lab at RISD and William Myers, this exhibition showcases recent examples of design and art that inform our complex relationship with nature and help us decipher how it may evolve in the future. Check out the work by Genspace member Fabienne Felder and board member Kathy High!


Bryant Park Author: One Thing Leads to Another

Genspace's Julie Wolf hosts author Eugenia Bone for a discussion of her new book, Microbia. Join us at the Bryant Park reading room!


The Most Powerful Force in the Universe: compound effects driving biology

When asked what the most powerful force in the universe was, legend has it that Einstein replied “compound interest”.  Beyond the financial world where compound interest describes how money keeps making more money, compound effects can refer to any system that makes more of itself.  This public talk addresses the importance of compound effects in familiar biological systems as well as the exotic frontiers of biotechnology.  

Gallery Show Eventbrite Image 2.jpg

Nature/PostNature: Student Projects from the Biodesign Challenge

Join us for the opening of NATURE/POSTNATURE, an exhibition of student projects from the 2018 Biodesign Challenge. The 26 chosen projects portray futures where the lines between the natural and designed worlds have blurred, and where products and provocations are made from organisms that have been engineered on the cellular level.

Panel - The Future of Design is Biology.jpg

The Future of design is biology

Join Genspace and WantedDesign for this panel during NYCxDESIGN, New York's celebration of global design. Four leading experts at the intersection of biology and design will discuss how biotechnology is transforming living organisms into the next medium for design. Panelists include Orkan Telhan, Danielle Trofe, Dr. Tal Danino, and Dr. Theanne Schiros.


Lift off: A waterfront Kite festival

Genspace is partnering with Brooklyn Bridge Park to offer programming at Lift Off: A Waterfront Kite Festival. This family-friendly festival unites S.T.E.A.M concepts and outdoor adventures! Join us as we test the air's microbiome using petri dishes attached to kites.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 1.59.12 PM.png


Genspace will be exhibiting at UNDERSTORY, a plant lab, urban ecology event and workshop series. Through hands-on workshops, a makers' bazaar and citizen science fair, tours, and plant sale, the two-day event will be an interactive showcase of living local economies, urban ecologies, and botanical explorations.

Einstein Confetti for Book Party.jpg

Book party

Every great [citizen] scientist needs a great library. At our Book Party, drinks are free for whoever brings a book. Donations can be new or used books on any topics relating to Genspace's mission: the study of life science, and its relationship with history, philosophy, technology, design, art, and all their various intersections. We will have stickers for you to mark your name inside the book, and to share with its next reader why this book was meaningful to you.

Bring a book and a friend and join us to mix, mingle, and celebrate our favorite reads!


Pregame Your Brain at Caveat

Join Genspace at Caveat, New York's newest speakeasy for playful, intelligent nightlife. We will be hosting an edition of their weekly Pregame Your Brain happy hour - a science fair for adults. Grab a drink and extract a strawberry’s DNA, learn how bacteria can take photographs, explore the microcosmos and get to know a variety of new biomaterials.


The Neuroscience Behind Optical Illusions

In Champions of Illusion, Profs. Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen Macknik present a smorgasbord of mystifying images, many selected from their Best Illusion of the Year Contest. Martinez-Conde and Macknik, who study the intersection of neuroscience, illusions, and stage magic, will explain just why we think we see the things we see.


Lecture - Transnational reproduction: Race, Kinship, and Commercial Surrogacy in India

Daisy's work is primarily focused on race, racialization, and assisted reproductive technologies, and her recently published book, Transnational Reproduction is an ethnography of transnational surrogacy in India.

Lab Panorama.jpg

Genspace Housewarming Party

Genspace has a brand new home, and we can't wait to show it off. Join us for food and drinks as we celebrate!

Petri 01.png

The Real Stories Behind CRISPR: A talk by director Adam Bolt about his new documentary film on CRISPR

For an entire year, documentary film director Adam Bolt has been interviewing the scientific minds behind CRISPR, the controversial gene editing technique that has ignited public imagination about designer babies, new cures for cancer, and more. Join iBiology and Genspace for a talk where Adam will share insights from his meetings with pioneers in the field for his forthcoming feature film.


Genomics Lecture: The Bioethics of Genetic Sequencing

A key component of our new Brooklyn Barcoding Program is a Genomics Lecture Series, which is intended to introduce audiences to contemporary issues in genomic research. Kadija Ferryman and Sabrina Suckiel will present their research on the motivations and concerns of early adopters of whole genome sequencing tests. Examine the moral and ethical dilemmas surrounding whole exome/genome sequencing on ostensibly healthy individuals. 



Join Genspace for a relaxed night of hands-on science and discussion. Ever wonder if that fish sandwhich is really all fish, that goats cheese is really goat or what plant species that weed in your yard is? Come find out. BYOS (Bring Your Own Sample). Our open nights are connected to Genspace's Brooklyn DNA Barcoding Program- funded by the Richard Lounsbery Foundation.


Genomics Lecture w/ CHRIS MASON: Designing genomes for Earth, Mars & beyond

A key component of our new Brooklyn Barcoding Program is a Genomics Lecture Series, which is intended to introduce audiences to contemporary issues in genomic research. We are excited to welcome Chris Mason as the third lecturer in the series. The Mason lab is discovering and designing genomes for Earth, Mars, and beyond. 


Biotech Futures Talk + Lab Series: Synthetic Biology

The Biotech Futures Series explores the implications of and ways in which biology is becoming a data science. Each talk is paired with a 3-4 hour lab workshop to demonstrate how these themes become realized in the lab.


Book Release: Designature: The Nature of Signatures in Art and Design

Professor at University of Pennsylvania and leading biodesigner Orkan Telhan discusses his new book Designature, which explores the ways in which humans make their mark in the designed and natural world.


Genomics Lecture Series w/ Christine Marizzi

Genspace is proud to announce our Brooklyn Barcoding Program. A key component of our new Brooklyn Barcoding Program is a Genomics Lecture and Workshop series, which is intended to introduce audiences to contemporary issues in genomic research. We are excited to welcome Christine Marizzi as the first lecturer in the series.


The Future Will Be Grown: Student Projects from the Biodesign Challenge

Join us for the opening of THE FUTURE WILL BE GROWN, an exhibition of student projects from Biodesign Challenge 2017. Finalist teams from the twenty-two universities across the world converged at the Biodesign Challenge Summit at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City on June 22rd + 23rd to showcase their projects and compete for the Glass Microbe. 


Frankenstein: Annotated for Scientists, Engineers, & Creators of All Kinds

Genspace is proud to welcome David Guston, editor of the newly published Frankenstein: Annotated for Scientists, Engineers, and Creators of All Kinds for a book signing event. In our era of synthetic biology, artificial intelligence, robotics, and climate engineering, this edition of Frankenstein resonates forcefully with readers.


Genomics Lecture Series w/ Karen Hogan

Genspace is proud to announce our Brooklyn Barcoding Program. A key component of our new Brooklyn Barcoding Program is a Genomics Lecture and Workshop series, which is intended to introduce audiences to contemporary issues in genomic research. We are excited to welcome Karen Hogan as the second lecturer in the series.


Second Saturdays: DNA Barcoding

Ever wonder if that fish sandwhich is really all fish, that goats cheese is really goat or what plant species that weed in your yard is? Come find out. Every second Saturday we will open up our lab for DNA Barcoding. Get hands-on lab experience and learn how to read the code of life. BYOS (Bring Your Own Sample). Second Saturdays are connected to Genspace's Brooklyn DNA Barcoding Program- funded by the Richard Lounsbery Foundation.