Biorocket Student Research in Molecular Biology

Do you love science? Do you want to spend time learning in a real lab? Do you want to earn a $2,000 stipend? Apply now for the Biorocket After-School & Summer Research Program.


      About Biorocket

      In concert with the American Museum of Natural History and the NYC Science Research Mentoring Consortium, this combination of a spring after-school learning program and summer research experience gives New York City public high school students an opportunity to learn synthetic biology and laboratory research skills. Biorocket introduces fundamental concepts in molecular biology and scientific research through a spring after-school program, then culminates in a 7-week summer research experience.

      You will:

      • Spend this February through May after-school learning molecular biology through coursework and hands-on lab training at our Brooklyn lab.
      • Spend this summer working on your own independent research project under the guidance of Ph.D. scientists.
      • Get career guidance, tour other labs and biotech companies.
      • Earn a $2,000 stipend.
      • Present your work to other students and the general public.



      To be eligible we require the following: 

      • Teacher Recommendation
      • At least a B average in science classes
      • Your commitment to participating from February through August 2018
      • An unofficial school transcript
      • Answers to the following essay questions:
      1. Briefly, what are your goals in joining the BioRocket Program? (250 words max)
      2. If you could bioengineer a living thing to make or do anything, what would it be, how would it work, and in what ways would it affect people (positively and negatively)? (500 words max)



        2018 Schedule

        Application Deadline
        February 12th

        Spring Semester After-School Sessions
        February 26 - May 23
        Mondays + Wednesdays: 4:00pm - 6:30pm

        Summer Semester Research Program
        July 9 - August 24
        Monday through Thursday: 1:00pm - 5:00pm


        Awardees will be announced on February 19, 2018

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