Top scientists and thought leaders at the intersection of biology, social science, art, and design frequently present at Genspace. Join us for these unforgettable conversations.


Biotech Futures Talk + Lab Series: Synthetic Biology

MARCH 16, 6:30pm

The Biotech Futures Series explores the implications of and ways in which biology is becoming a data science. Each talk is paired with a 3-4 hour lab workshop to demonstrate how these themes become realized in the lab.


Book Release: Designature: The Nature of Signatures in Art and Design

MARCH 31 - 7:00 PM TO 9:00 PM

Professor at University of Pennsylvania and leading biodesigner Orkan Telhan discusses his new book Designature, which explores the ways in which humans make their mark in the designed and natural world.



APRIL 17, 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Join Genspace for a relaxed night of hands-on science and discussion. Bring a sample of plant matter or isolate DNA from your saliva and see how easy DNA barcoding and PCR is. Or just kick back and watch.