Meet our Members

Genspace members include scientists, researchers, artists, designers, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, teachers, students and more! Read more about some of our members below.

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Fabienne Felder

At Genspace Fabienne aims to revive work she undertook in the past on photo microbial fuel cells, turning photosynthesis into electricity. On top of that she will be experimenting with fungal mycelium and calcite-forming bacteria.

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Matej Vakula

Matej is an artist working with computation, biology, tissue printing, and nanotechnologies, looking at their impact on society and nature. 

He studies the relationship between haptic aesthetics, instructional language, biology, and artificial intelligence. In particular, he is exploring the role that games may play in the translational relationships between knowledge workers, laboratories, nature, and machine learning.

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Eugene Fong

Eugene is a Teaching Assistant for the "Genome Editing with CRISPR-Cas9" class. He is passionate about DNA-based technologies and has partnered with Michael Flanagan to run the Optogenetics Community Project which aims to use light to control gene expression in E. coli. He has researched DNA Origami with Dr. Lukeman at St. John’s University and competed at the Biomod Biomolecular Design Competition.

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Michael flanagan

In addition to being a Genspace instructor and Board Member, Michael Flanagan has been a member of Genspace since 2014.  His synthetic biology projects include those relating to biomaterials, optogenetic control systems, bacterial photography, CRISPR, and iGEM.  Michael has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Caltech and has spent more than two decades working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Bell Labs ,and entrepreneurial companies (including Arieso where he was CTO, and FlanaGen LLC where he is Founder and CEO).  When he is not working in Brooklyn, Mike is either at home in Chester NJ or trying to return to London.

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Julie Wolf

Julie is a microbiologist-turned-science communicator who teaches the Biotech Crash Course at Genspace. She works for the American Society for Microbiology, and is part of the synthetic biology start-up Brooklyn Bio Inc.

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Craig Trester

Craig is a citizen scientist who's focus lies in the field Mycology and applies principles of biomimicry to develop sustainable solutions for a future which faces many ecological challenges. By studying Fungi, he believes novel approaches towards alternative sustainable agriculture, pharmacology, and bioremediation can be realized. Craig is leading the community mycoremediation project at Genspace, which seeks to train local species of fungi to degrade common chemical and microbial contaminants.

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Alex thomas

Alex is primarily interested in lab automation, so he is working with Genspace to pilot connected devices that autonomously trigger events related to lab maintenance and upkeep in a sustainable way. He is also working with OpenPlant, applying CRISPR to explore metabolic pathways and induce bioluminescence in Marchantia polymorpha.

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Danny Chan

Danny believes that research taking place in hackerspaces directly engages and educates science enthusiasts from diverse social backgrounds in conversations about the advancement of scientific knowledge and the advance's impact on society.He is enthusiastic to lend his bench skills to this community and looks forward to working side-by-side with others who may share this passion.

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