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We’re an open lab and anyone can drop in for a visit. Just make sure to call us at (347) 470-1265 or email us in advance so that we can make sure there are no schedule conflicts in the lab.

We’re located in Brooklyn at

33 Flatbush Avenue

7th floor

Brooklyn, NY 11217

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5 Responses to Visit Us

  1. Mark A. Rossi says:

    Do you have any planned activities that would preclude a visit on Thursday June 2nd. 2011? I am an independent student with some project ideas, and I wish to see what type of facilities you have.

    Thank You,
    Mark A. Rossi

  2. Maurits says:

    Dear Genspace, I saw Ellen give a talk on TED and that’s how I found out about this. It seems something I’m interested in. However I live in Europe. Is there a website that lists all the worldwide “biohack” labs & “genspaces”?

    Thank you,

    • danng1 says:

      There are several labs in Europe. But no one site that has them all as a list. The closest thing to that is the main DIYbio site.

  3. Interested party says:

    Do you guys have a new number? I would really like to talk to somebody about the lab.

    • danng1 says:

      The phone number is on the website. It has not changed, but it’s a Google Voice so if you leave a message we may not get to it for several days.

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