Genspace & Biofabricate 2015


October was an exciting month here at Genspace – we joined Biofabricate 2015 as   hosts of the DIYbio Pop-Up Lab on site at the conference at Microsoft Headquarters in Midtown. This was our 2nd year at the Biofabricate, the annual summit for grown materials where innovators, companies, thought leaders, scientists and designers join to hear and see how biotechnology is facilitating a new material age. Genspace set up the Pop-Up Lab for attendees to learn about the DIYbio community and to get a glimpse of the processes involved in some of the speakers work, co-founder Ellen Jorgensen also gave an inspiring presentation regarding the role of community labs in the world of grown materials, and co-founder Nurit Bar-Shai presented her work with lab-grown bone within the Design Lab. In addition to our participation at the conference, we were delighted to host the BioPigments Workshops following the event. Natsai Audrey Chieza and Thomas Landrain of PILI Bio lead participants in dyeing textiles with bacteria and growing their own ink in the exciting workshop series at Genspace!

Pop-Up Lab 2015


Genspace DIYbio Pop-Up Lab at Biofabricate

The DIYbio Pop-Up Lab invited attendees to engage in hands-on experimentation with Pili Bio’s Bio-ink with a bio-ink filled pen and papers to draw on, A ‘Selfie Stick’ game by Natsai Audrey Cheiza, Bento Bio’s easy-to-use Bento Lab – a laptop-sized biotechnology              lab, Ginko Bio’s cultured fragrances produced by engineered yeast, and                       Mother Dirt’s skin-biome friendly spray. In addition, everyone could practice their          lab technique at the pipette station or get a closer look at some of the materials      discussed during the conference under a microscope at the microscopy station!                                                                                          The lab was a space for everyone to learn about DIYbio and the Genspace community. Through encouraging attendees to interact with the materials, processes, and technologies discussed throughout the day, we hoped to further dialogue, innovation, and ideation leading our material future!

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Images: Inside the lab – pipettes and supplies, Pili Bio stickers and painting, Pili Bio’s Thomas Landrain writing with bio-ink, Bio-ink drawing station and Natsai’s ‘Selfie Stick’ game, Testing Mother Dirt’s skin-biome friendly spray, Bio-ink drawings


BioPigment Workshops


Following the Biofabricate Conference, Genspace was delighted to offer a day of BioPigment Workshops – allowing participants to explore bacterial inks and bacterial dyes with Thomas Landrain of Pili Bio and Natsai Audrey Chieza!


Grow Your Own Ink

Pili Bio’s Thomas Landrain led participants through the process of using soil microbes to produce bacterial inks. Thomas is a co-founder of Pili Bio as well as La Paillasse, the first community biotech lab based in Paris.




Faber Futures | Biofabricating Color

Natsai Audrey Chieza taught participants how to dye and print natural fiber materials with bacteria, experiencing hands on the tension between strict laboratory protocol and creative, experimental material processes.




These workshops were made possible with the generous support of BioFabricate Summit 2015!                                
Special Thanks to: Suzanne Lee, Amy Congdon, and Annelie Koller
Genspace co-founder Nurit Bar-Shai and member Ali Schachtschneider
and to’s Marie-Sarah Adenis
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