Open Petri Dish Night No. 1

Untitled 3Genspace members gathered together to ‘lift their lids’ at the first Open Petri Dish Night!

The informal social was a members’ only event to strengthen the Genspace community. Overall, the night was a huge success, and a wonderful opportunity for the potential development of cross-platform collaborations, skill sharing and innovative ideas. The conversation was diverse as artists and scientists shared their current projects, research and experiments. Topics of discussion ranged from bacteria and fungi, to the Gowanus Canal, among many others.


Members gathered at the table for conversation

Members were inspired and left with thought-provoking ideas. Everyone was excited to continue the conversation at the next Open Petri Dish Night.


Above, left to right: Roger Peters Blanc, Ali Schachtschneider, Ellen Jorgensen, Jan Mun, Annelie Koller, Claire Durand-Gasselin, Blacki Migliozzi, Julie Wolf


Top left: Ali and Silvio; Silvio with his drying scoby sheet; members  Annelie, Claire, Julie, Roy Buchanan, Roger and Ali around the table.

The members included a range from artists to scientists:

Annelie Koller –
Ali Schachtschneider –
Blacki Migliozzi –
Claire Durand-Gasselin –
Ellen Jorgensen –
Jan Mun –
Julie Wolf –
Roger Peters Blanc –
Roy Buchanan –
Silvio Tinello –
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