Biofabricate: Genspace Pop Up Lab

Genspace_Biofabricate_imgGenspace set up a pop-up DIYBio LAB at ‘BIOFABRICATE’,  The world’s first summit dedicated to biofabrication for future industrial and consumer products, organized by Suzanne Lee of Biocouture in partnership with Synbiobeta.

The event featured a full day of speakers and keynote talks from pioneering biomaterial, biotech and biofabrication start-ups along with key researchers, designers, thought leaders and academics, as well as multiple workshops, a design lab and the pop up lab.

The pop up lab was a space for people to come and ‘Grow Your Own Scoby’ and make necklaces filled with culture to take home, interact with the material in a living, grown, and dried state, check out slime mold and mycelium under the microscope, or learn how to pipette, while chatting with members about Genspace and biofabrication! People could come and interact with some of the materials discussed throughout the day, and learn how a DIY lab could support them in their projects. A few Genspace members projects were displayed along with the pop up lab as well as in the design lab, and multiple members spoke throughout the day.

IMG_8687the Pop Up Lab
IMG_8691the lab and some members projects
IMG_8683GYOS: grow your own scoby!IMG_8669scoby: living, wet and dry culturesIMG_8680the pipetting stationIMG_8689Some members projects featured in the Pop Up lab

Featuring members projects:

Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Stranger Visions, exploring the traces of the DNA you leave behind; Ali Schachtschneider, Fungal Shoes, Bacterial Textiles and Garmentobject exploring the bodies interaction with biomaterial technology through the growth of cellulose, mycelium and bacterial materials; Fabiola Einhorn, 174 Magazine, exploring how Synthetic Biology and bio-tech fabrications will integrate into our everyday life and citizens access to its making; And at the Design Lab: Genspace 2012 iGEM team collaboration with Terreform One, Gen2Seat, a biodegradable Genetic Generation sitting Module; Sylvia Saborio, Vee Vo, creating wall papers tiles using traditional print making techniques and engineered bacteria; and Genspace co-founder Nurit Bar-Shai, Objectivity [tentative], exploring how bacteria communication and network systems might inform smarter design.
IMG_8724 Projects in the Design LabIMG_8725


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