Genspace at DLD 2012

Oliver and Ellen were invited to speak at this year’s Digital Life Design conference in Munich, Germany. What an experience! They were treated like royalty and got to hobnob with such diverse characters as Freeman Dyson, Yoko Ono, Jimmy Wales, and the Princess of Norway. All the talks were great, and Munich is a beautiful city with wonderful beer halls :-)

Sausage and Beer!

Here’s a photo from a “space breakfast” that Ellen attended featuring Esther Dyson, Eric Anderson (Space Adventures), Peter Diamandis (X Prize), and George Whitesides (Virgin Galactic).

The Speakers Lounge, sponsored by Lufthansa, was the place to hang out. Not only great coffee and electrical outlets, but the company was not too shabby either.

DJ Spooky, Jimmy Wales and Peter Diamandis in the Speakers Lounge


Oliver spoke on Synthetic Biology, and Ellen on citizen science and Genspace.

Oliver's talk








Ellen's talk

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