Genspace in the New York Times

We made the New York Times  again, this time in the Science Section where we belong  :-)

The article was very positive and called Genspace a “rallying point” for DIYbio. It also mentioned the safety protocols we have in place- that’s a welcome change from a couple of years ago, when it seemed like the press was more interested in stirring up people’s fears than reporting accurately what was going on in the DIYbio world. The section featured several articles pertaining to open-source science, which is near and dear to our hearts at Genspace. You can read the full story here.

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  1. sam duncan says:

    The New York Times and other big media companies love to pompously wave away and disdain any libel suits against them as an illegitimate assault on freedom of the press … THEIR absolute, fully protected freedom of the press, of course.

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